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College Recruiting

Online profiles and recruiting software for high school athletes provided by CaptainU.

CaptainU, the leading college golf recruiting company, is partnering with the Top50 Junior Tour to offer our members a free player profile to increase their exposure to college coaches. Your profile will be added to the CaptainU database for college coaches to review.

CaptainU is available to all students and regardless of your potential college playing ability (Division I, II, II, NAIA or Junior College) CaptainU can help find the "Best Fit For You".  In addition to the player profile, CaptainU offers services which provide students with all the tools to be pro-active in the recruiting process by showing you how to promote yourself to college coaches. This service is offered to Top50 members at a 25% discount, only $15 per month and you may cancel at anytime.  Use the following links to get set up!!

Athletes – Create your free online player profile, and start reaching out to college coaches.

College Coaches – Sign up and search through CaptainU’s database of quality student athletes

For those Top 50 Junior Tour players who want to upgrade to CaptainU Varsity or MVP accounts we have a special promotional code for tour members only.   Enter:  TOP50JR when upgrading your account and receive a 25% discount off or your monthly payment.

What is CaptainU?

CaptainU is an online recruiting platform used by over 200,000 athletes, parents, and coaches around the country.

We are partnered with CaptainU to provide all tour members with dynamic player profiles, access to college coaches, and tools to allow athletes to be pro-active in the recruiting process by promoting themselves to college programs.