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The Michigan Top50 Junior Tour

TourZone Cup Matches


The TourZone Cup was established in 2007 with the intention to bring together students from each Michigan TourZone to compete in a fun and friendly team match similar to the Ryder Cup.  Students regularly participate in stroke play events; however they rarely get the chance to experience match play team competitions.  The TourZone Cup format is exciting, the competition is fierce, and sportsmanship rules the day. 


Team Captains (TourZone Directors) select pairings for their teams.  Each team consisting of 16 players from which the captain will create 8 two person teams playing the following format.   The lowest scoring 5 teams will count toward the TourZone teams final score.

Holes #1 thru #6 Best Ball         Holes #7 thru #12 Alternating Shot        Holes #13 thru #18 Scramble


All Top50 members are eligible to participate in the TourZone Cup Matches; however priority is given to the following registered students:

  1. Students that finish in the Top 3 of a fall event.
  2. Students that win a regular season event.
  3. Students that participate in fall events.
  4. All other Top50 members


If you are interested in participating in this year's TourZone Cup please register online as you do for any Top50 event. If we have more than 40 students register we will notify students who are eligible for the event.  The sooner you register for the TourZone Cup the better your chances of competing on this years team.



9:30 - 9:45 All participants arrive.  All students must check in upon arrival.   All participating students shall receive the championship agenda, tournament rules, tournament lunch tickets, and a team shirt.  
10:15 Captain's Meeting - Team Pairings Finalized
10:30 Team Meeting - Look for your TourZone Director near the putting green.
10:40 Team Photos / Warmup
11:00 First tee time.  Teams are encouraged to hang out at the first tee and show support for your teammates.  When you complete your round you are encouraged to become spectators and support your team as they finish their round.  Sportsmanship is a high priority for all players.
5:00 to 5:30 Awards and more photos.



2007 Central Michigan at Reddeman Farms Golf Club

2008 Central Michigan at Flushing Valley Country Club

2009 Central Michigan at Flushing Valley Country Club

2010 Central Michigan at Eagle Crest Golf Club

2011 Central Michigan at Oakland University - Katke

2012 SouthEast Michigan at Oakland University - Katke

2013 SouthEast Michigan at Mystic Creek Golf Club

2014 Central Michigan at Oakland University - Katke

2015 SouthEast Michigan at Mystic Creek Golf Club

2016 Central Michigan at Twin Lakes Golf & Swim Club

2017 Southeast Michigan at Twin Lakes Golf & Swim Club

2018 Southeast Michigan at Atlas Valley Country Club 

2019 Southeast Michigan at Fox Hills Golf Club 

2020 Southeast Michigan at Fox Hills Golf Club 

2021 Central Michigan at Fox Hills Golf Club 

2021 Southeast Michigan at Fox Hills Golf Club