Top 50 Junior Tour

Top 50 Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Awards 

It is our goal and primary objective to provide scholarship awards to as many deserving students as possible. The number of scholarship awards and the amount of each scholarship award is subject to change without notice and is dependent upon the generosity of our sponsors. 

The NGSA Scholarship Point System is separate from the Top50JrTour player of the year point system. The National Golf Scholarship Association assigns a point value to your accomplishments while participating in the Top50JrTour.  Scholarship Points may be accumulated in the following way:

Tournament Participation

Rules of Golf Exams

Essays on Various Golf Topics

Most Improved GPA

Community Service

NGSA / Top50JrTour Service

We continue to explore new opportunities for students to earn scholarship points. 

IMPORTANT: The points you accumulate while participating on the Top50JrTour are multiplied by your graduating grade point average. (Minimum requirement of 2.5 GPA to qualify, using a 4.0 scale). 


Joe Golfer is a better than average player and starts to play the Top50JrTour as a sophomore, and over three years he accumulates,

200 scholarship points by participating in Top50JrTour tournaments.

150 scholarship points by finishing well in player of the year points.

100 scholarship points by improving his overall GPA annually.

  75 scholarship points by submitting a winning essay

  50 scholarship points for community service.

Joe Golfer has accumulated a total of 575 scholarship points. Joe Golfer graduates from high school with a 3.5 GPA. (575 x 3.5 = 2012). Joe Golfer's Scholarship Award is $2012.00. Your Graduating GPA is the most important factor in determining the amount of your Scholarship Award. The NGSA and the Top50JrTour wants our players to excel on the golf course as well as in the classroom.


Joe Golfer is a sophomore with a 2.5 GPA and plays the Top50JrTour during the summer break and accumulates 300 points. (300 x 2.5 = $750). Joe Golfer goes back to high school for his junior year and is able to increase his GPA to 3.0. (300 x 3.0 = $900). Joe Golfer was able to increase his NGSA Scholarship Award without picking up a golf club. (This is only an example to illustrate the importance of improving your GPA. Each player's scholarship award is calculated with their graduating GPA using a 4.0 scale.)


It is the goal of the NGSA and the Top50JrTour to provide scholarship awards to deserving students that play on our tour. As of March 25, 2003 the National Golf Scholarship Association has met the eligibility guidelines of the USGA and NCAA and received approval for the method of scholarship disbursements.

It is our fullest intention to preserve the eligibility of a student participating in the Top50JrTour.  If you are uncertain about eligibility requirements and would like additional information you are encouraged to find out more information before playing in the Top50JrTour.

Scholarships awards are distributed directly to the Educational Institution that the student is attending.  Scholarship awards must be redeemed 24 months after the student graduates from high school. Unclaimed scholarship awards are used for future student awards.

If you would like to speak to the National Golf Scholarship Association and receive additional information you may call 248-321-9900 or send an email to