Top 50 Junior Tour



TOP 50 Scholarship Golf Tour Membership fee for 2019 is $100.00

The U.S. Top50 Junior Tour is a national junior golf program that offers students the opportunity to compete in numerous tournaments by participating in local TourZones.  Students may play tournaments in any Top50 TourZone in Florida and Michigan with the same membership.  Please Note:  The membership fee for 2019 is the same as last year, $100.

Members of the Top50 Junior Tour are provided with numerous benefits:

  1. More than 100 events nationally offered every year 
  2. A unique scholarship point system which has provided more than $175,000 in students scholarships since 2003
  3. An original tournament format which has provided students with more than 10,000 free rounds of competitive tournament golf
  4. Easy access to College Golf Drive, a premier college recruiting service firm that  assists your junior golfer in obtaining college golf scholarships
  5. Top50 official training facilities offering students high quality golf instruction with some of the nation's best PGA Golf Instructors
  6. Student Golfer Magazine which highlights local results and success stories for recognition of accomplishments